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Getting financing for a business has been an arduous task in recent years. As we discussed in our post Non-bank financing, the opportunity that arose from the crisis due to the great crisis that banks and savings banks have suffered in our country, great business opportunities have emerged for other types of financing platforms.

How to get financing for a business?

How to get financing for a business?

The moment in which the bank closed the financing tap, both solvent companies and others not so solvent, was a turning point for financing. What happened? More and more alternative financing platforms began to appear, offering another way to obtain the financing that businesses need.

In the first place, we started talking about crowdfunding financing, whereby those who wanted to carry out their business idea began to raise funds to be able to start it economically. Little by little it became fashionable, and it became known more and more.

It was the moment when the need arose to differentiate the different types of crowdfunding. First it was necessary to distinguish between two types of crowdfunding that are very similar, donation and reward. Both of these are more altruistic financing methods, that is, those who invest in donation or investment projects do so for generally non-economic reasons. In the first (donation crowdfunding) there would be no consideration for the business loan; on the other hand, in the second case (reward crowdfunding) there would be a reward, usually in the form of a product, service or experience.

Get financing for a business through crowdequity and crowdlending

Get financing for a business through crowdequity and crowdlending

Other financing methods for a crowdfunding business are crowdequity and crowdlending. With these two, the one who finances the company becomes an investor. This is because it achieves a return on its savings: one through equity participation (Crowdequity) and the other through business loans (Crowdlending).

How to get financing for a business by crowdequity?

Crowdequity consists in obtaining financing through the entry into the company’s capital of many investors. Generally this method is used when you want to create a company.

This method of financing is to obtain capitalist partners for your business project, so you do not get a business loan that has to be repaid in a stipulated period, but whoever wants to participate in your project will get its corresponding share of the benefits when it is so remember.

How to get financing for a business by crowdlending?

How to get financing for a business by crowdlending?

But what if you don’t want capitalist partners and what you want is an alternative to a bank business loan? Well, you can also get an online credit through crowdlending platforms like Good Finance.

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