Break the Fast Together is Much More Saver in This Way!

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One of the moments that was utilized during Ramadan was to stay in touch with each other through breaking the fast together. Restaurants are usually filled with reservations by groups, ranging from family, groups of friends, groups of colleagues, etc.

One thing that cannot be denied from the joint opening moment is the cost incurred, its nature varies from the economical to the very expensive. To get around this, let’s look together at how to open together more efficiently:

Open Together at Home

Open Together at Home

Moments of breaking fast with family can be merupaka in the warmest moments. Break the menu does not have to be too varied. Make sure to break the fast with a nutritious menu and enough liquid. Eat your own food if you want to save more money.

For those of you who do not have time to break outside, bring lunch from home, and warm it with a microwave office when the breaking time will arrive soon.

Open together outside

Open together outside

In Ramadan you will usually find many invitations to open together, which are used for reunions with old friends. Especially if you have enough acquaintances, surely the invitations will accumulate more, starting from social gathering groups, group of college friends, friends at the old office, etc.

  • Choose More Important: The best way to respond to the number of invitations to open together is to sort well, which invitation is more important. Prioritize meeting people who rarely meet you so that the relationship is maintained. Often new people will report at certain moments, so take advantage of the moment of Ramadan to connect to the communication.
  • Choose Restaurants with Promotions and Ramadan Package Menu: If you choose to break your fast together outside, don’t forget to advise your colleagues to choose restaurants that have promos during Ramadan. Not only that, usually restaurants provide fast breaking packages for groups making reservations. Try to use a package to make it cheaper, usually the package is included between the main menu in the form of vegetables, white rice, side dishes, water, and sweet dishes to break the fast (ta’jil) . Besides being more compact, the price can be cheaper, the bag will be safer.
  • Break the Fast Together at the Food Court: If there are no other options besides opening the menu
    If you are in a shopping mall, try to break the Fast together at the food court . Besides the price of food that is cheaper than restaurants, you can also bring your own drinks to save more money. By bringing your own drinks, you can save at least 10-20 thousand.

Try Using a Potluck System for Breaking the Fast Together

Try Using a Potluck System for Breaking the Fast Together

What is a potluck system? A shared feeding system carried out by groups, where each member carries a type of food menu for a number of group members. For example, for example, in a group there are 5 people, then prepare 5 food menus for a portion of 5 people:

  • The first person brought fried rice
  • The second person brings fried chicken
  • The third person brought stir-fried water spinach
  • The fourth person brings soda
  • The fifth person brings ice cendol as a ta’jil menu, etc.

That way the menu will be more varied, and costs can be more economical. You can do this on Saturday or Sunday, at the home of one of the people who has been tested show as coordinator. The host of the Potluck event is expected to provide a place and equipment such as plates, spoons, glasses and more for the continuity of a joint meal. Later, each participant must inform each other of the menu that they will bring first, so that there is in the same menu on day H. The shared meal system like this is usually more likely
togetherness, especially because it is done at home usually the atmosphere becomes more pleasant. One more tip from us, do not forget to provide a break fast menu for children (if there are children who will be brought to the potluck event) so that they can still enjoy the event.

Basically the core of the break fasting event is sharing each other’s moments and exchanging stories about things that have not yet been shared due to their busy activities. Take advantage of this moment to share, do not let it be because it is too focused on wasting money, the core goal of breaking fast together is not achieved. Good luck!


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