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Conso credit: the production leaps at the end of the year


Consumer credit production rebounded sharply in November. According to the latest survey published by the ASF (Association of Financial Companies), all types of loans are up. “Classic” credits up 8.6% Activity jumped 12.3% in November compared to last year in the corresponding period. Or rather”rebound”: the production tended to stagnate in recent months. In terms […]

Break the Fast Together is Much More Saver in This Way!


One of the moments that was utilized during Ramadan was to stay in touch with each other through breaking the fast together. Restaurants are usually filled with reservations by groups, ranging from family, groups of friends, groups of colleagues, etc. One thing that cannot be denied from the joint opening moment is the cost incurred, […]

When do you have to renegotiate a mortgage?


The borrower does not think about renegotiating his loan when he receives the requested funding. This seems obvious, the borrower is in the payment phase. But over time when he finds that the credit rate has dropped significantly, and he has a few years left to pay all of his loans. So He is tempted […]

Get financing or Loans for a business through crowdlending | Merchant Cash Advance


Getting financing for a business has been an arduous task in recent years. As we discussed in our post Non-bank financing, the opportunity that arose from the crisis due to the great crisis that banks and savings banks have suffered in our country, great business opportunities have emerged for other types of financing platforms. How […]

We check whether the indebted person can receive another loan


Fortunately, with debts, we can still apply for an additional injection of cash. What’s more, on Matcherbank you will find loans for those in debt. This is a selected offer addressed to people with bad credit history. A condition for obtaining this type of financing is a stable income. For the lender, it guarantees the repayment […]

This is how to raise money from trade


Especially in small towns, finding an Otto automaton can sometimes seem like work and pain. What to do when the strawberries are sold at a good price in the adjacent market, only cash is accepted and no vending machine is in sight? The cash withdrawal function at the cash registers of stores helps. Money can […]